NO boundaries: nice stop motion animation

Ed (aka m703324 on posted a very nice stop motion animation titled “NO boundaries”. He created the animation using a digital camera, chalk, and a chalkboard in one of his employer’s conference rooms. Ed’s notes state:

A little stop motion animation I made for the company I work for. In a way It’s a little present from me and from our company to our clients.

It’s all honest stop-motion, frame by frame drawn. Using a digital photocamera, real blackboard (that hangs in our office) and chalk. It was then imported to premiere – stretched and exported.

People that you can see in some frames are my coworkers. Ow and in the beginning that’s me.

Music is written and played by my friend Ago Visak. The tune he wrote for me for my birthday.’
More of his music

I directed, drew the frames and put the thing together.

I was unable to find out where Ed works (I was curious what type of work they produce), his bio on YouTube indicates that he lives in Estonia.

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