Build pride in the colleges

Make a way for students to show pride in their colleges.

Right now very few students associate any of their academic values or pride with their associated college. To some extent, each of the colleges are invisible to the students. However, when a student graduates, they wear a tassel with a color that represents the college they are graduating from.

Let’s nurture and encourage school pride and spirit by helping students to show affiliation and pride in their college.

We have seen examples demonstrated in popular culture. Think about how the students who attend Hogwarts, in the Harry Potter series of movies and books, are sorted into one of four different houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin. J.K. Rowling based this idea on the house system used in many boarding schools. In the movies, we can see Harry et al. wearing specific house colors — represented in their shirts and ties as well as robe colors.

For Western, what if we helped to build the pride students felt for their respective colleges by encouraging unique colors, a pin, or other mark? If such an effort were successful, eventuallly there might be a desire for prospective students to join and participate in campus culture.

Having unique feelings of pride and affiliation by students towards their colleges would make Western different, in a good way, from other University communities.

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