Monday classes at 8 a.m. are awesome

What would happen if the president of the University decided to visit one Monday, 8 a.m. class each week during the fall and spring semesters?

During the visit he could applaud students who work hard to make the most of their college education. He could present each member of the class with a black t-shirt or pen with the words “I am WMU” in gold lettering set in distinctive type. The president could shake hands with the instructor of the course, pat them on the back. All of this could be done in roughly 10 minutes — not causing too much of a disruption in the course.

The initiative could be tied to a Web site: where students could post comments, participate in an discussion board or post short perspectives and stories about their experience at WMU.

Over time this small effort could turn into a landslide of pride and respect for our institution — a place where hard work and learning comes first. Students would have real contact with our leader. It would make our administrative vision ‘sharable’ with the students who make each day we come to work possible.

T-shirts and pens are inexpensive. The lasting impression made on students is priceless.

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