Connect freshmen with upper classmen

Today’s idea for WMU comes from a colleague of mine. In a recent staff meeting, Donna Mearing mentioned that as part of a course she taught that she would have students interview an upper class man to find out what they would have loved to know when they first started out at WMU. Donna was kind enough to send me a copy of the assignment:

UNIV 101 Name______
Assignment #1 20 points

If you want to know about college life, ask those who have successfully negotiated the early stages! Find one or two fellow students who have attended WMU for at least a year, students who have settled into college life and are doing well. Interview them to ask what kind of advice they would give incoming freshmen. What are some things your veteran students wish they had known when they first arrived on campus? Come up with at least four important pieces of advice, based on what your interviewees tell you. How can knowing this advice help you now? Summarize their advice and how it can help you now below.


I love this idea. It is a great way to build community, share acquired knowledge, and build awareness.

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