Ask others what their ideas are

The idea for today is: asking others what their ideas are.

How do to this

There are a lot of great ideas on campus. In order to foster an open community where individuals feel comfortable and free to share their thoughts we have to do three simple things: ask, listen, and be willing to support and act upon the idea.

Things to avoid

There are behaviors and characteristics that we should avoid because of their negative effect on being open and individuals ability to feel comfortable with sharing their ideas: micro-management, dishonesty, being secretive, ulterior motives, setting up roadblocks, obstructionism, finding fault, manipulation, etc. Each of these negative actions and behaviors result in an environment where people don’t feel comfortable sharing ideas — people end up feeling oppressed, depressed, unhappy, under appreciated, and unintelligent.

Idea challenge

What do you think you could accomplish by being open, able to listen, and willing to collaborate?

I would like to know what your ideas are about the following topics:

  • How could we improve parking on campus?
  • How can we help students to understand and support university budgeting and planning?
  • What things could we do to make students like and enjoy attending WMU?


  1. Brian Carnell September 20, 2007
  2. Brian Carnell September 20, 2007
  3. Brian Carnell September 20, 2007

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