Academic, administrative trick or treat

Promote awareness of academic and administrative resources that support student success by holding an “academic, administrative trick or treat” day. Here is how this would work:

  1. On October 31 each academic and administrative office will have a huge bowl of candy
  2. Management and support staff will be present to meet and greet students
  3. We will hand out candy
  4. We will take an interest in the student’s academic area of study (i.e. personal attention and contact)
  5. We will encourage students to visit other offices on campus (i.e. building awareness of services)
  6. A punch card will be available at each site
  7. Students who visit five or more sites can register to win a cool prize (e.g. iPod, laptop, gift certificate to the book store, free passes to a show at miller, dinner at a local restaurant)

The outcomes of this promotion are an increased awareness of on campus support services, enhancement of our community, connection with students, and a warm/good/ happy feeling that we did something great just because we could.

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  1. Toby Keeping September 26, 2007

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