Create a community calendar

Create a community calendar where everyone can post information about upcoming events.

Why is this needed?

While the WMU news and the university home page provide announcements about specific institutional related events (e.g. graduation, board meetings, presidential appearances etc.) many of us have observed and commented on the absence of a community calendar for communication of campus events for student groups, departments, offices, etc.

In order to know what is happening on campus we need to visit too many different Web sites.

One source for all event information would be ideal for our marketing efforts and promotion of events, public speaker series, and meetings that are academically oriented.

What features should our community calendar have?

  1. The calendar for the entire university should be accessible from one location (e.g.
  2. The calendar should be accessible privately in the portal, and publicly from the Web
  3. Any member of the university community should be able to add an event to the calendar
  4. A filter for displaying specific types of events should be available
  5. A search tool for locating future and past events should be available
  6. The calendar should feature RSS feeds, for those who want to subscribe to announcements for specific types of events, or individual/group promoting an event
  7. The filtered results from the calendar should be re-usable on departmental Web sites using RSS/PHP/Syndication/Content Management

How should we go about creating a community calendar?

  1. We should organize a small group to complete a needs assessment of other features the calendar should include.
  2. Review potential open source or commercial product offerings
  3. Consider development or modification of a calendar tool in house
  4. Implement a beta of the calendar
  5. Try it for 3-6 months
  6. Review feedback from the community
  7. Make necessary changes
  8. Launch the finished tool


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  2. Carol October 4, 2007

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