Require tutoring for low academic performance

If a student scores less than a 3.0, or ‘B’ average, in their course assignments, require them to obtain tutoring. Identify students who need assistance on a week-to-week basis rather than solely on mid-term academic performance.

Why is this important?

Academic performance is an indicator of student success. Low grades and performance on assignments, quizzes and exams may indicate that a student is struggling in a course. Most students have a much lower expectation of the time required to succeed in higher education—the majority spends much less time than the twenty-six hours per week faculty have determined is necessary in order to succeed (Kuh, 2005). What each student gets out of their academic pursuits is dependent upon their personal effort and involvement—how engaged the students are in their education (Kuh, 2007). One of the best strategies in engaging students is to teach them how to utilize the university and its resources (Kuh, 2007). However, identifying students based on mid-term academic performance is often too late to have a meaningful impact (Kuh, 2005).

Closing thoughts

Strong academic performance, scaffolded by comprehensive academic support, will help students to succeed in their chosen academic degree, future education, and employment. Many students don’t succeed simply because they are not familiar with how to utilize available resources or how to implement best practices for studying. It is essential that students who need guidance and support in order to succeed are identified early. Requiring mandatory tutoring for low academic performance is a direct intervention that in many cases is necessary if the student is to complete their degree.


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