BlueSky Studios Challenge

Over the past few weeks a new favorite web site has crept into my daily web lurking. BlueSky Studios Challenge is a blog run by staff of BlueSky Studios (the folks who made ‘Ice Age’ and ‘Robots). Each week, the brilliant illustrators and animators from BlueSky challenge each other to draw clever and unique illustrations. Past contests have included Halloween, The Wizard of Oz, Saturday Morning Cartoons. In one contest titled “Superheros” brave new heros such as ‘Mapple Syrup Man’ and ‘The Incredible Close Talking Carl’ were born.

BlueSky Studios Challenge

A few years back I induldged in months of fun and humorous ‘photoshoping’ contests hosted at Making unique and creative illustrations seems like a much steeper challenge. Viewing the wonderful creations of the BlueSky staff builds a desire within me to hone my own drawing skills so that I too may one day participate!

From the BlueSky Studios Challenge web site, their mission is described as follows:

Every monday a new challenge is posted. The participants do their “take” on the subject matter and post it. Challenges are open ended, meaning any participant can go back and draw something from a previous week. Email Jake for new challenge suggestions. This is for BlueSky kids only. Though anyone can participate at home. Or if you want to, post a link to your peice in the comments section.

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