Ysabella Brave sings on YouTube

Portrait of Ysabella BraveYsabella Brave sings blues, jazz, and the occasional pop song to karaoke audio CDs. Thus far, Ysabella has covered nearly 50 songs. Some may think that Ysabella’s singing skills would not land her any recording contracts. However, she is a very likable web talent. Ysabella does not take herself too seriously and has an infectious personality. I love that she clearly has fun just singing the songs she likes. Ysabella is very real and does not come off as contrived — which cannot be said for many of the other individuals who have risen to web fame. I encourage you to take a look at her web site. Watch a few of Ysabella’s videos. Ignore the fact that they are recorded in her living room apartment. Just enjoy the simplicity of her being herself. Note: Ysabella’s homepage appears to lag behind recent posts available from her YouTube.com profile.

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