Establishing a project profile

Before we can plan how to develop and present effective content, it is helpful to know about who will be using the Web site, what expectations they have, and what specific needs are unique to them. With this information we can tailor how information is presented to support the goals of both the organization and the customers.

What is TRIO SSP?

TRIO SSP is a federally funded leadership development program that helps first-generation, income-eligible college students and college students with disabilities in their transition to college and until graduation. TRIO SSP participants learn to have fun while achieving their personal and educational goals.

TRIO SSP is designed to assist eligible students by offering a variety of services tailored to meet their individual needs. We provide services to help students improve class performance and find the necessary resources (academic, financial, career, etc.) on campus and in the community so that they graduate and achieve their life goals.

For over 20 years TRIO SSP has helped hundreds of WMU students obtain their baccalaureate degrees.

All services are FREE to program participants.

Who will be using the TRIO SSP Web site?

The TRIO SSP Web site has three primary groups: prospective customers, current customers, and past customers.

Prospective customers are those who may potentially request and receive services from TRIO SSP. They will visit the Web site to evaluate benefits of participation, value of services, next steps, and may ask for more detail or clarification.

Current customers are those who utilize the Web site to obtain time sensitive information, materials for participation, utilize guides and resources, and submit requirest for personal assistance or service.

Past customers are those who have not been actively interacting with TRIO SSP and are evaluating new opportunities or reconsidering old options.

Each of these groups have unique needs. As we consider how to improve Web content on the TRIO SSP site, we should keep in mind each of these groups, their expectations, and how they will utilize information.

In addition to the primary groups, there are parents and staff who provide support and guidance to students who are prospective, current, and past customers. There may be specific needs that parents and staff have above and beyond those of students.

Are there distinct services cycles throughout the year?

For the TRIO SSP Web site, there are distinct service cycles throughout the year. From September to April, the TRIO SSP is involved with teaching classes and delivering services to students in the program. For the Fall and Spring semester there are many time sensitive opportunities that must be communicated to students.

During other times of the year students are being recruited and/or considered for participation in the program.

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