TRIO SSP weighing in

Let me introduce myself: I’m Carol Reid, the webmaster of the TRIO SSP website. I hope some of you reading this blog are like me (untrained and just doing the best I can). I’m thrilled that our website was chosen as the subject for the case study, both because of the learning experience for me and the resource that it provides for other webmasters. I’m also a little terrified of jumping into something that I might find is over my head!

I would like to point out that our program has two distinct phases during the year. During the early summer we recruit new students based on program eligibility, inviting them to join the program and meeting with them at orientation. In materials sent to their homes before they come to orientation we refer them to our website for more information about us to help them with their decision. Therefore our main audience in the summer is prospective students.

From September through April we serve 210+ SSP students (both the new freshmen and returning SSP students) so our main audience during this period is current SSP students. We provide a wide range of services (see About Us if you’re interested in learning more). I’ve gotten into trouble with resource organization because of this variety—how do I provide a lot of resources, but keep it all manageable and useable? I’ll comment more about this at a later date.

That’s it for now. I need to go work on some of the homework Michael gave me at our meeting this morning!

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