WMU secrets

What ways can we support students in learning more about valuable services at WMU?

As a student at WMU from 1996-2000 I slowly learned about all of WMU’s hidden gems and ‘secret/underpulicized’ services. I had to seek out information about where to find a lab with scanners, photoshop, and multimedia software — at that time, it wasn’t easy to locate the Instructional Technology lab that was located in Sangren Hall near the Educational Library. When I spoke to students working in the two main campus labs, to find out where I could work with multimedia equipment etc, I got shrugs — eventually, I found the service on my own. It is a little easier to find excellent services on campus today — but there is an opportunity to help students discover these services on their own.

“How,” you ask?

Add a recognizable icon to WMU Web pages to serve as a guide for new students to find “secret” and valuable information on WMU Web sites. The icon could be a recognizable black with gold and silver lettering. Label it something simple like ‘discover the secrets of wmu’. Add the icon to all WMU service information pages and chain each page to the next with forward and back options, as well as a link to an index or directory of all ‘wmu secrets’. Using this solution provides an easy way for students to easily browse across all pages that have the similarity of delivering information about a valuable ‘service’.

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