Making progress (you just can’t see it yet)

Michael presented our case study today at WUG. Everyone was polite–there weren’t any groans (audibly at least) when he showed our index page as it currently exists. I’m excited about the plans for the new design, and can’t wait to proceed. Michael has me looking at some of our interior pages in preparation for further work. I cringe now that I’m developing more of a critical eye. At the same time I feel really lucky to be working on the project. I can’t believe no one else volunteered!

Michael Whang did a great presentation today titled “User centered design.” It fit in perfectly with where I am right now in my learning process. He recommended some books and I went over and checked two of them out. I realize at this point that at the end of this project we will have a fantastic redesigned site that I will have the responsibility of keeping up, and I don’t want to drop the ball. So I just finished a quick read of “The Web Writer’s Guide” by Darlene Maciuba-Koppel. I’ve known that we need to learn to adapt our presentation style and writing to online readers, and it’s time to start learning how to actually do that!

Tomorrow’s our next project meeting. Stay tuned!

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