Blog develompent announcements tradeoff/decision

During our last project meeting we further discussed the pros and cons of using a blog to handle announcements for TRIO SSP students.

TRIO SSP is currently using an e-mailing list to send notifications of events/announcements. Information is also published to the front page of the SSP site. This method appears to be working pretty well (e.g. no students have complained about this method, and students have been attending events). The blog would be another way of getting information out to students. But, other than the RSS feature it doesn’t really enhance the communication methods beyond where they are presently at. We may revisit using the blog in the future, but for now it seems that it is not essential or necessary to improving delivery of services/content/information. So a decision was made to move the blog idea to a ‘future/someday’ file.

For those of you who are interested in how we would have implemented this feature I am including links to a few online tutorials below that describe how an RSS feed from a blog can be accessed and re-published using PHP.

Blog resources
Signup for a free blog at Read Blogger help pages and the FTP help information.

Learning PHP
If you are interesting beginning to learn PHP, try’s PHP tutorial.

Code our own PHP RSS stuff
If you want to learn how to code your own PHP to display information for an RSS feed, try:

Use someone else’s code to get up and running quickly
If you want to quickly implement, or adapt existing code, try:

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