Now we’re making progress!

Tons of work behind the scenes has finally come together in a new and improved web site. If you’re interested take a look at for the latest edition.

This morning Michael did the new layout for the index page (with my input), made a library item for the navigation bar, created an Ask a question form, and fixed some of my breadcrumbs (I had not done them properly–just made them look right). We worked on balancing enough graphics for a warm, welcoming look with using space most wisely. Michael then sent me back to my office charged up and ready to go.

My tasks for today were:

  • Turned news items into headlines and created a News page for the complete items (original items were too wordy for the index page). Linked headline on index page to corresponding item on News page.
  • Made new guides pages with information that I had prepared. (Lots more work needs to be done on the guides.)
  • Added nav bar library item to all pages that Michael had not dealt with (had to actually go into the code to do it–yikes!).
  • Added items to nav bar library item as I added pages (very cool!!!).
  • Fixed breadcrumbs on pages Michael hadn’t worked with.
  • Fixed paths to images and pdf documents (Michael had rearranged some of the files to better organize them).
  • Changed all initial page headers to h1 tag.
  • Checked all links.

I hope everything is working right at this point. When I go back and look at it tonight I’m sure I’ll find something that needs fixing.

Future plans include:

  • Turn WMU student services page into FAQ type format with questions listed at top.
  • Make an upcoming events page for TRIO SSP events.
  • Add photo albums area to the site for this year’s TRIO SSP events photos.
  • Turn some of our pdf’s into html pages with the option to print as pdfs.
  • Turn tutor request form (pdf) into a real form that can be submitted on line.

The coolest little things I learned today were how to link by dragging the little thingy (whatever it’s called) and how to do the library item nav bar.

That’s it for now. Have a great holiday weekend, Everybody!

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