Working with Others

When Mike asked to be a part of Idea a Day, I jumped at the chance to share and contribute some creative ideas to help innovation along on and off campus.

In yesterday’s post, Mike shared the idea of teamwork and collaboration to uplift us to a higher plateau together as a collective. There’s a lot to say about ‘birds of a feather flock together’.

There’s also a lot to say about innovation and how innovation and change needs to happen slowly, like nature. And so one of the ways I think we can create a positive, productive, energy-filled, creative collective is to all work together….in the same building….on the same floor….just like a mini-Google enterprise.

Take for example the webmasters on campus. Imagine if we all worked on the same floor together–shoulder to shoulder. The research and discovery process would be amplified many times over by many creative and talented minds, all sharing and contributing expertise and innovative ideas and solutions to some very complex challenges. Talk about a Western Edge™.

So let’s all roost on the same telephone pole, all facing in the same direction. We could move mountains and it would be incredibly fun along the way!

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