A collection of screen shots from past projects

I grabbed these images from my Web page on WMU’s homepages server. These images are screen shots from past Web projects I worked on.

Project: Anthropology Rich Internet Application

Created with Macromedia Flash, ColdFusion MX and Flash Communication Server. I coded the Web site and application from scratch. It enabled an Anthropology curriculum to be distributed from WMU to two high schools associated with the grant that funded the project.

Here you can see the entry page where a general intro message was presented, an enter button, and general system requriements.

Students were able to go into main rooms and group rooms. The four panels in the center each provided a space where students could connect a Web cam for live chat and interaction. The text box bellow provided real-time text chat.

This is a picture of the lecture hall room where the instructor could run a live video presence and use an interactive whiteboard. Students were able to submit questions via the live chat below.

Canterbury Cathedral Project

The Cathedral provided a way for students in history and art to utilize an interactive floorplan to access and view hundreds of images of the interior and exterior of Canterbury cathedral. Each location on the map had potentially 16 different views. The project was designed to simplify content maintenance so that a non-technical person could easily append or update text information and photos. One of the earlier prototypes included a more immersive 3-D perspective. Overall the tour included instructional modules, slideshows with text commentary, projects, explore on your own sections, and a detailed bibliography. The project was created using Flash, Photoshop, and Dreamweaver.

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