Map activity: My trip to New York City

This past Sunday, I went to New York City for the first time in my life. I was there for three days for software training with a vendor the Admissions Offices works with. I arrived at noon on Sunday, and had the first day to myself. The map activity listed below shows my walking path, and photos of what I saw. If you are interested in seeing more (I took a ton of photos, and have yet to caption them all) visit my Picasa Galleries:

Google Maps Activity: My Trip to New York City
(note: for viewing photos and descriptions of each location it is HIGHLY recommended that you click on View Larger Map)
View Larger Map

How the map creation lesson would be used in a course

Students would be given an assignment to create a map showing photos of a recent vacation or trip they had been on. The participants would be encouraged to explore how digital story telling could be utilized with maps, photos, text, and video. My New York City trip would serve as an example of what the finished project might look like. Outcomes from the activity would include increased technology literacy, writing/narrative skills development, and public speaking/sharing abilities (students would present an overview of their trip/map to peers).


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