Using Google Page Creator for education

Using Google Page Creator, I drafted a site about Music History and Culture. Note that the assignment required posting an image, in place of an image, I used a bunch of embedded videos — which are similar in that they are a visual piece of media.

What was the concept for this site?

So, here is the concept: to use music and videos to discuss and comment on historical events and culture — to discover how does music reflect the life and times of current events. I selected one song for each year in the current decade, wrote a reflection on themes and culturally relevant issues presented or discussed by the song. I included artist, album, year and title information. A full music video embedded from YouTube, and the lyrics for the song. In addition, a question intend ended to generate discussion is posted in the right column of each page.

How could this be used in your class room?

Visual, audio, and text can stimulate learners in different ways. The site provides an example of how media can be mixed to discuss the historical and cultural contexts represented in popular culture.

In a class, you could ask your students to expand upon the theme, have them pick songs they like, or work their way back through the decades to create a collaborative/shared learning object. The activity could also be modified to utilize any material culture artifact to discuss themes and issues: clothing, movie posters, magazine covers, television shows etc.

The activity could be used in a history class, anthropology, sociology, psychology, art, music, and possibly other subjects.

The activity strengthens a students technical literacy, digital story telling, critical reasoning, composition, historical, and research skills.


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