Design your own pop-up cards

Example of a handmade pop-up card. Image Credit: Tatty Ottani, via Flickr/CC.
Example of a handmade pop-up card. Image Credit: Tatty Ottani, via Flickr/CC.

Screenshot: Pop-up Card Designer.

Nicole really enjoys designing her own greeting cards. While searching for other personal card making tools that she might enjoy using I came across a gem called Pop-Up Card Designer. I first read about this simple piece of software while reading through the Make Magazine Web site.

The interface for the software is very simple and intuitive. The isometric view is reminiscent of Google Sketchup. Pop-Up Card Designer includes both a basic mode where you ‘sketch’ your card, and a mirror mode that duplicates your modifications on the other half of the page. From there you can print, or cut and paste your creation into your favorite word processing or graphics tool. Then after a little cutting and folding, your unique pop-up card creation is ready to go.

The examples on the developer’s Web site demonstrate pop-up cards created on white paper. However, one could do some really creative things with colored construction paper, water color paper and paint, or even plain paper and markers.

The one down side is that Pop-Up Card Designer is only available for Windows—though you could easily run it on your Mac with Parallels.

Pop-Up Card Designer can be yours for a mere $18. If you want a fun stocking stuffer for your avid card maker, then look no further than Pop-Up Card Designer.

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