Affordable premium WordPress themes for $39 per year

The team over at Elegant Themes, Inc. have been working hard to create a large collection of attractive and flexible premium WordPress themes. If you need to get a professional looking website up and running quickly, it may be worth considering one or more of the themes on offer. At $39 for unlimited access to all their themes, this looks like a steal.

I’ve not had an opportunity to try one of their themes yet. However, I like that their themes are designed to be XHTML compliant and work well with all web browsers while providing some common functionality most bloggers would need: layout control/options, detailed control over how your navigation menus work, ability to tweak colors of several elements in the theme, control over meta elements for SEO, and the ability to easily extend functionality with third party script add ons.

Overall, their themes have a friendly looking personality, nice textures, a variety of web fonts, and good use of layout and color queues to assist visitors in seeing the content and information that your want your audience to see the most.

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