‘8-Bit Beach Party’ by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Lecliar

Detailed close-up from 8-Bit Beach Party.

I spent a little time this weekend at the Kalamazoo Public Library enjoying the fun, clever artwork aggregated in Crazy 4 Cult: Cult Movie Art (public library). This book contains more than 170 pages of beautiful artwork and illustration inspired by film favorites like The Big Lebowski, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tron, Rushmore, and many more. Gallery 1988 released Crazy 4 Cult in 2011. The book received many positive reviews and includes a lovely and witty introduction by Kevin Smith.

My favorite piece in the collection is 8-Bit Beach Party by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Lecliar. The piece (pictured below) incorporates characters from classic 80s video games, television shows, and movies into an eBoy-esque beach scene. What’s not to love about artwork that presents a unique visual mix using icons like Q-Bert, Ghost Busters, Kool-Aid Man, and Cap’n Crunch?

Photograph of the 8-bit Beach Party illustration by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Leclair

It was surprisingly difficult to find detailed information online about either of artists who created this. Though, I was able to find three additional pieces they produced using this pop-culture, 8-bit inspired theme.

8-Bit Spring Break by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Lecliar.
8-Bit Spring Break
Halloween Pixel Party by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Lecliar.
Halloween Pixel Party
Winter Holiday Pixel Party by Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Lecliar.
Winter Holiday Pixel Party

You can view additional works from past Crazy 4 Cult art shows over at Gallery 1988 and Topless Robot.

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