Building brand awareness with 30-year-old videogames

Will the ability to play a classic text-based adventure stoke your desire to purchase an Amazon Kindle? Probably not. However, Amazon has figured out a clever way to build awareness of the Kindle by leveraging the brand equity of Zork–a videogame that inspires nostalgia amongst those who spent time in the late 70s and early 80s imagining an epic world as they clacked away on their IBM Model M keyboards and basked in the glow of green or amber monitors.

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Stop trying to solve problems once and for all

How often have you speculated about the outstanding results you could achieve if you simply had enough time to figure out a perfect solution? Have you entertained the idea that, if coworkers would just listen to you or adopt new attitudes and processes, you could finally achieve success? Hey, you are not alone! Being effective at work and producing good results is something that requires creativity, problem solving, and teamwork. However, the pursuit of a perfect solution or process (i.e., you will never have to make adjustments or changes again) is a foolish endeavor.