Icon of a carpenter's toolbox that represents the items categorized as a tools.

WordPress tools that are worth using

Finding and evaluating useful WordPress themes, plugins and how-tos can be time consuming. The resources listed here have been valuable and effective for me, and may be helpful to you as well.

Photograph of a Prius driver customizing his car.

Killer app for your car

An amazing mobile app has been designed to help you save money on gas, remember where you parked, call for help after a crash, and more.

Examples of illustrated stock artwork. Image Credit: Vector Open Stock, via Flickr/CC.

Hurray: Royalty free stock art

Tips and resources for when to incorporate stock art into your graphic design projects and a few sources to get great resources from.

Example of a handmade pop-up card. Image Credit: Tatty Ottani, via Flickr/CC.

Design your own pop-up cards

Making your own handmade pop-cards is easier when you follow the paper folding and cutting methods available in this application or printed guides. Your friends and family will love your unique creations.