Favorite site of the moment: The Superest

My wife had knee surgery today. As she was resting in the recovery room, I sat next to her, hunched over a laptop in my lap. I was ‘catching up’ on my RSS feeds which I have not read avidly for four to eight weeks now. As I tapped my way through categories and posts in Google Reader (my favorite RSS feed reader — it rocks beyond all rocking) Nicole asked me what my favorite feed to read was. I had to admit that I didn’t really have a favorite at the moment — partially because I have not been reading a lot lately, and also because I had gotten a little bored with a lot of the stuff. Everyone has written their top ten whatever(s) that are essential to something. As the Barenaked Ladies song goes: “It’s all been done”.

Though, I do enjoy a good illustration Web site now and again. From Waxy.org (written by Andy Baio) comes a wonderful link to The Superest: a contest by two talented illustrators. The rules: artist one draws a super hero, artist two draws a super hero who’s powers negate that of hero number one…and on it goes. The results are laugh out loud funny. If you don’t get at least even a little chuckle — you might want to check to see if you still have a pulse.

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