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Now it feels like a new year

March 31, 2013

Photograph of chicken grilled on a Weber Smokey Joe Silver.

Nicole and I picked up a Weber Smokey Joe Silver and spent part of our Easter Sunday afternoon preparing grilled turkey brats, chicken, and steak. Aside from providing a tasty weekend meal for us—our efforts produced an assortment of grilled foods to enjoy for lunches and dinners over the next week.

We’ve been without a grill since last summer. Our standard sized Weber was given to a friend of a friend when we thought we had sold our home and were moving. A prospective home buyer insisted that we move out quickly so that he and his girl friend could move in within two weeks. We accommodated by selling and giving away items rapidly, moved belongings into storage, and “temporarily” moved in with Nicole’s parents. It was quite an adventure.

Then the guy never came to the home sale closing and stopped responding to the realtor. The sale fell through and after several months we moved back home. There were a lot of other things that happened over the past year too. Ultimately, the rhythm and balance of everything has felt a little off.

A new, little grill is a simple thing to be happy for. Though, enjoying the savory smells as delicious foods cooked over charcoal paired with the first warmer weather of the season made it really feel like a new year.