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Sample work: First snow of the season

I shot, edited, and published the first snow of the season video in under an hour the afternoon of Nov. 10. It was produced as a community engagement piece for the official Michigan State University Facebook Page.

The video was shot using an Apple® iPhone 4S™ and edited using iMovie™.

As part of our social media strategy, we always are keeping an eye out for timely topics to cover that we believe will delight and surprise our audience—like the first snow of the winter season.

MSU’s colors are green and white, and when we saw the large beautiful snowflakes begin to fall, set against the green grass and pine trees, we saw an opportunity.

Being able to quickly execute an idea relies upon awareness, understanding of overall goals and objectives, as well as technical skills for operating and camera and video software.

The first snow of the season post to the MSU Facebook Page generated 167 likes, 72 shares, and 55 comments. Our audience shared their personal stories and memories of their time on campus, the Red Cedar River, epic snow ball fights, and more.