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Free Stanford course on developing iPhone, iPod Touch apps

Who wouldn’t want to learn how to develop apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch? A free online course was offered by Stanford in April 2009. The 10-week course, titled iPhone Application Programming, includes a full syllabus of fun activities, example applications (bundled up in zip files), and downloadable lectures. While the course doesn’t use the latest 3.0 iPhone development environment — you can still follow the assignments and weekly projects to learn what you need to make a successful app.

Apple iPhone 3G

Want to learn to develop your own iPhone app? Then you should visit: Free Stanford course on developing iPhone, iPod Touch apps.It looks like the course and downloadable materials are reset each semester. So, be sure to access the site and save materials from the full course while it is still available!

There is also a good looking book over at titled Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK that has received hundreds of positive reviews. Personally, I always like a combination of a printed reference, audio lectures, sample files, and specific/focused projects for learning to develop on a new platform. Now…all I need is about 100 more hours in the day. Happy programming!