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How to make wearing a bike helmet fun

What can you do when your child doesn’t want to wear their bike helmet? We all know that wearing a helmet can reduce our risk of injury when falling from a bicycle. Yet, kids really aren’t keen on the logic and stats behind safety — for them, wearing a helmet means something tight, itchy, and otherwise “uncool” on their head.

A creative solution that makes wearing a helmet “cool” sells a variety of fun bike helmet covers. Why wear a boring helmet when you could be sporting a cute lady bug, t-rex, spike helmet, and or crazy frog? Imagine the fun and comments while riding a bicycle around with one of these neat-o covers. Prices range from $20 to $25 (U.S.).

My favorite bike helmet cover

The Screamin’ Frog

The Screamin’ Frog Bike Helmet Cover

“This grown-up tadpole has a personality – the Screamin’ Frog animates as you move through the wind; his tongue flapping and his feet furiously flopping! He’s typically at home in a warm, shallow body of water, but attached to the top of your helmet, this amphibian’s convinced he’s an endangered species! (Designed to fit bicycle-style helmets).”

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