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Hurray: Royalty free stock art

“Stock Art Deadline” was created using a selection of free icons from the

As you read this, the deadline for your current graphic design project is quickly approaching. There are so many pieces and parts that need to come together in order to make the project a success. How does your checklist look? Typography (oh yeah), color palettes (yup), icons (yeah…somewhere here…where’s that folder), nicely designed/quick navigation bar (um, gulp).

Having the talent, the right resources in your toolbox, the wisdom to know when to build from scratch, and gumption to use stock material properly can help you to be very efficient—all while reserving some time for innovation in the places that count most. But, there are an overwhelming number of royalty free stock sources to choose from. Where should you begin?

Oh, and the individual designers who made each of the resources in the bundle? They get full credit/acknowledgement for their efforts—you can pursue author pages on each of the stock provider’s marketplaces (these, and other, creative marketplaces are managed by evanto who’s mission is to “help people to earn and to learn, online”).

If you find a favorite graphic resource, then you can find more solutions from the specific designer. I especially like the style and flair of the Retro Vintage Labels by UK-based Sneek and Retro Vintage Web Elements by Vlade (a graphic designer living in Macedonia).

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