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Sample work: MSU Valentine’s Day cards

In February 2012, our team set out to create a special set of Michigan State University themed Valentine’s Day cards for our social media audiences to share with family and friends.

Everyone on our team contributed to the project and ultimately felt a high level of ownership. Work was contributed by our student interns, online community manager, myself, and senior staff. The entire project was pitched, refined, and completed in just a few business days.

I was able to leverage my graphic design skills to assist with completing this project on schedule—our primary graphic designers were working on multiple high priority projects at the time and otherwise wouldn’t have been able to assist. I’m thankful for the abilities and skills my team and I have—talent runs deep and enables us to get more done and be nimble enough to stretch a little further to still take on special projects when the opportunity arises.

The MSU Valentine’s Day cards post and photo gallery on our institutional Facebook page collectively generated 685 likes, 739 shares, and 33 comments. In addition, we observered several members of our community download a copy of the Valentine’s Day cards and then repost/share via their personal Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and other social networking venues.

The content provided an opportunity for our audience to personally connect, engage, and share their thoughts and experiences about the institution they love with people in their network.

The attention and engagement we received was comparable to what we would normally see for a major athletic event on the institutional/academic Facebook page.

MSU 2012 Valentine: Spartans Will you be mine?

MSU 2012 Valentine: Being green is easy with you as my Valentine

MSU 2012 Valentine: You had me at haroo

MSU 2012 Valentine: Go green, go white, go out with me

MSU 2012 Valentine: MSU Shadows