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Who are some of the most influential designers today?

Throughout my life I have been inspired by those who are driven to create and design interesting things, experiences, ideas, and more. It’s been a little while since I last explored the world of design and I have begun to feel curious about who some of the modern icons are that are inspiring all of us who are fans of design. This note is the start of that exploration.

Design influencers from the world of fashion

  1. Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty – designer and founder of Fenty, Savage x Fenty & Fenty Beauty. Rihanna created the Fenty brand to provide lingerie options to those who struggled to match available options with their skin tones and body types.
  2. Simone Rocha – creative director and founder of Simone Rocha. Rocha represents a second generation of fashion talent for her family — she’s the daughter of famed British Design John Rocha and his manager Odette. Her focus is on “practicality and reality” and she is known for her line of gowns, pearl-related accessories, blouses and large embroidered collars.

Graphic designers to follow and be inspired by

  1. Alex Trochut
  2. Annie Atkins
  3. Ben J. Crick
  4. Ben Grandgenett
  5. Chip Kidd
  6. Elana Schlenker
  7. Frank Chimero
  8. Gabby Lord
  9. Jessica Hische
  10. Jessica Walsh
  11. Kate Moross
  12. Kati Forner
  13. Lauren Hom
  14. Llew Mejia
  15. Leta Sobierajski
  16. Marta Veludo
  17. Mike Kus
  18. Morag Myersough
  19. Timothy Goodman
  20. Will Bryant