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Where to find Kalamazoo County ordinance and property/parcel information

Over the weekend Nicole and I wanted to learn a little more about the neighborhood in which we live. In particular, detail about ordinances for Kalamazoo Township and property/parcel information for Kalamazoo County.

After a little research, I found three useful websites on this topic (which I wanted to bookmark/note here for future use):

For information about deeds, the Kalamazoo Country Clerk’s FAQ page provides detail about how to find out who owns a certain property and how to search for a specific deed.

How do I find who owns certain property?
If you do not know the property owner’s name, you may contact the County Equalization Department, County Treasurer’s Office, or local City or Township Treasurer or Assessor Office. These offices will provide you with the name(s) that appear on the tax roll, which may or may not be the owner(s). With these names, you can then search our office for any recorded information. If you have a name and approximate year to search, our office may provide you with recorded information.

How do I search for a deed?
You need a grantor or grantee name to search any land record information and you should have an approximate year to search. The best way to conduct a search may be in person. Clerk/Register staff will be glad to demonstrate how to use our computer system.