Do something creative with the back of printed pages

Paper and printed documents are part of our everyday life. We encounter printed questionnaires, surveys, meeting agendas, charts, quizzes, syllabi, and more. Yet we are often utilizing only 50% of our printing resources: the back page of every document is almost always blank.

Endeavor to do something creative with the blank side of each and every printed page.

Make your meeting agenda more interesting

Once you have read a meeting agenda, where does it usually go? Most people quickly answer, “I toss it in the trash/recycling bin”. So, not only is only half the printable surface used, the agenda is also thrown away.

What if you were to make your meeting agenda more interesting? Use a duplex printer (a printer able to print on both sides of the page), or manually flip the 25 copies of the agenda you printed on your ink jet and run them through again — print something fun, engaging, useful, or interesting on the back side.

For example, you could print a paper craft template, a fortune cookie-ish word of wisdom, ten words with a translation into multiple languages, a productivity tip, a new strategy or tactic, a new word for the day, a feedback form, a maze, a suduko puzzle, a crossword. As you can see there are a lot of fun and engaging things that could serve as creative inspiration to your associates and employees.

You could also partner with local businesses and print coupons redeemable for discounts on food, beverages, or goods.

How could this idea be used in the classroom?

On quizzes or exams, an instructor could use the backside of each page to include a cryptographic puzzle or clues that teams of students could solve and gain extra points. Such an activity would foster teamwork, collaborative learning, and creative problem solving.

It is a blank canvas, what would you do with it?

There are tons of cool things that could be done with a blank page. Take a moment today to think how you would take advantage of this free space.


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