Need to start some staff develompent?

Getting started in staff development

This site has been designed to provide an introduction to staff development for personnel who have been given the task to determine what training is needed by buisiness, organization, or institutional employees.

There are five simple steps that all successful staff development programs have in common:

  1. Needs assessment,
  2. Planning,
  3. Budgeting,
  4. Activities,
  5. and Evaluation

By developing an understanding of these five simple steps, you will be able to deliver effective, efficient, and successful training interventions that result in development of new skills, perspectives, and abilities for the employees at your work place.

We encourage you to explore the Staff Develompent Solutions Web site. We also welcome you to contact us with your feedback and questions.

Five simple steps.

Explore the simple steps to staff development

Needs assessment

The first step is to understand the knowledge held by your target audience, the context of their professional environment, and their and their work-related training needs. Begin in this section to learn what constitutes and how to conduct a needs assessment


Establishing clear goals and outcomes, learning paths, and follow-up support for your participants will assist you in fulfilling the training needs of your target audience. Read more about planning to find out what factors should be considered for a successful training initiative.


After you know what your target audience needs, you must determine what support, tools, and environment are required to implmenet your training intervention. Begin in this section to learn about what is involved with drafting a budget.


Our activities section provides samples of completed training modules and work in order to provide you with "food for thought" and "fresh starts" in regards to training activities.


In order to determine if your staff development session was successful, you will need strategies for measuring success, retention, and implementation of new skills acquired by participants during the training. Read our evaluation section to learn basic strategies for implmenting an evaluation.