Build a collection of textbooks

In the same way that a library enables the greatest number of people to access and utilize books, the university could purchase a collection of textbooks which could be utilized by students across all State of Michigan educational institutions.

How would this work?

Academic departments and faculty across all state institutions could agree upon specific textbooks and editions to use in their curriculum. When the collective agreed that upgrading to a new edition of a textbook was essential — new editions would be purchased and utilized.

Managing the source cost of college textbooks.The academic institutions and/or the State Government could pool financial resources to acquire and develop a textbook collection.

Borrowing from how the used textbook business moves textbooks around the country to where a course requires a specific textbook — when a course was to be offered, the copies of the textbook from the shared collection would be shipped prior to the start of the semester to the institution where the course is to be taught.

How does this benefit students?

When a student registers for a course, they would receive a package of textbooks automatically. This process simplifies things for students: rather than having to visit the campus book store, stand in line, and pay for books each student gets the books they need, rapidly and at no cost.


The result of a shared collection of textbooks is a reduction in overall operating costs and logistics for both institutions and individual students. The return on the financial investment made in each textbook would be maximized. Utilizing a standardized curriculum and text would also enable students to transfer, at any time, to an institution that best fit their academic needs.

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