Patton Oswalt’s Black Angus skit made me laugh out loud

This morning I was listening to the NPR FreshAir podcast from Feb. 22, 2008. One of the segments on the show, titled “An Oscar with your ‘Ratatouille’?”, presented an interview with writer/director Brad Bird and comedian/actor Patton Oswalt. During the segment Bird describes why he wanted Oswalt to play the role of rat/chef in Pixar’s Ratatouille — he had heard a comedy skit performed by Oswalt about the Black Angus restaurant and how the nature and quality of their advertisements had changed and become more aggressive. Oswalt was convinced to perform the skit — which as I listened, caused me to burst into laughter. Included below is a clip of the skit from YouTube (note that the language in the video may not be appropriate for all listening venues).

The full interview had some fun moments too where Oswalt describes himself as a nerd and how he had to contain himself when presented the opportunity to work with Pixar — the complete interview with Bird and Oswalt can be heard at

From YouTube, Patton Oswalt’s “Black Angus” skit:

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