Get 9 useful OS X apps for free

Signup for a free MacUpdate account to download the nine apps included in the Spring 2013 MacUpdate bundle. Purchased individually, these apps would run you $132 US.

Graphic of the Grappler app icon.The bundle includes a license for Grappler—a handy application that enables you to save audio and video from the Web. I’ve been using Grappler for over a year and love how easily it archives/recovers full HD multimedia from YouTube. Grappler is a life saver when you need a copy of your media, but don’t have immediate access to an account or a local copy of a video. I have also used Grappler to save a Web video’s audio track in MP3 format in order to send the audio to a third party vendor for transcription.

The bundle also includes: Backblaze, ColorStrokes, LightFrame, PhotoBatch, Video Rotate, DataGuardian, MacCleanse, and SnapNDrag.

The MacUpdate bundle is available through the end of March 2013—so, hurry up and get your copy today!


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