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The value and importance of feedback

Each day we get up, eat breakfast, and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Outside, the world is a symphony of  sound as we speak and listen, move things around, and ride or drive to far off destinations. Our life experience is made up of interactions with others, consumption of goods and services, and completion of personal and employment-based tasks.

The thoughtful design of communications, products, processes, and standards enables us to move through a busy day with less frustration, effort, and adaptation. The things we do and the things we use are better because of feedback.

Vision, inspiration, creativity–all of these are important for invention, innovation, and initiating change. However, big ideas fail when deemed impractical or unusable by our peers.

Want to be successful in life and work? Share, listen, think about what you hear, and make thoughtful adjustments to your efforts.

If you use feedback effectively, you will gain support for your idea, be alerted of potential problems early, and ultimately reach higher levels of success.

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