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Google Chrome tips and tricks

Keyboard shortcuts

How to use Google Chrome hotkeys: Customizing your own shortcuts

Hotkeys is the term Google Chrome uses to describe keyboard shortcuts. Did you know that you can customize your own hotkeys? For example, if you have an extension that performs a special function, you can set up a hotkey to trigger the function. This saves you time from having to scroll to the extension, right click, and select the command.

A few examples of this in use include:

  • Enabling or disabling an ad blocker extension
  • Unlocking your password manager
  • Using coupon code extensions for deals on online purchases
  • Saving a bookmark in a bookmark manager

To open the panel where you can customize hotkeys, enter chrome://extensions/shortcuts into the location bar of your browser window. From there, you will see all of the extensions that can be mapped using a hotkey.