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Music and life

October 17, 2008

Over the years there have been a handful of songs that I loved from the first moment I heard them. I tend to catch on to a riff, melody, or rhythm in a song — a connection with the lyrics comes later. I wanted to share three songs that I have always found comforting, hopeful, and uplifting. I think each song contains a lot of good ideas and sentiments.

Semisonic – Closing Time

I love the tune, but one of the strongest statements for me is the lyric “Closing time – every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end… “.

Phish – Back on the Train

Phish has always been capable of generating an amazing groove. They are a very talented band. This particular song is one that I can rock out to every day. I also really like the opening verse:

When I jumped off, I had a bucket full of thoughts
When I first jumped off, I held that bucket in my hand
Ideas that would take me all around the world
I stood and watched the smoke behind the mountain curl
It took me a long time to get back on the train

Bob Schneider – Cap’n Kirk

Bob is another very talented musician. He has produced several fun themed albums focusing on various music styles including swing, r&b, acoustic, etc. This particular song, aside from having really fun animation (note the song came out shortly after JibJab re-popularized this Monty Pythonish animation style), has a great theme throughout about getting the most out of life. The first two opening verses are:

I want to be like Captain Kirk
get up everyday and love to go to work
Don’t want to be like Mr. Spock
want to kick out the jams and rock the block

I just want to feel good
I don’t want to hurt nobody
I just want to get a good time out of my life