Update on TRIO SSP

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted an update (there’s not any leisure time once school starts!), but here’s a quick update.

In September I finally was able to figure out how to do the photo albums I’ve been wanting to do. We started out the new year with a picnic and a staff retreat, so I had some great pictures to get started with. I ended up using Google Picasa web albums, which gives you the tools you need for uploading, organizing, etc. You can get a piece of code that you just paste into your web page and it inserts the album cover that also acts as a link to the full album. Very cool. You can check it out on our album page. This many not seem like very important content to some of you, but it’s valuable to show our students having fun and doing volunteer projects and other things that are important components of our program.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that the CASP program web sites (I’m responsible for all but one of them) don’t list location information. (Ouch!) Since the template doesn’t allow us to put building and room info at the bottom I was at a loss for how to handle the problem. I looked at the registrar’s site and liked how they handled it, so I “borrowed” the idea (including using the neat Physical Plant map location feature). Thanks to whoever I borrowed the idea from. : ) I also did a little spiffing up, like adding offsite link icons.

The most important thing that I’m doing is updating the site frequently, keeping an ongoing, updated calendar and fresh headlines on our index page, and fresh content on our News page.

Today I sent an email to our SSP listserv (it goes to all SSP students) asking for input about the site. I heard positive things from students who I see around regularly, but I’d really like to hear from those we don’t see very often. I’d like to hear the good stuff, of course, but more importantly I need to hear what needs improvement!

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